Friday, October 13, 2006

Clinical Depression Symptoms

Clinical Depression Symptoms

Depression is a mood disorder that manipulates every portion of daily life. The illness affects all sectors of the populace in each socio-economic group, from children, adults, and the elderly. This overwhelming disease controls the mind, behavior, body, emotional state, and can even conclude the ability to maintain relationships. Clinical depression is a medical finding and is different from everyday connotation of “being depressed”.
According to the DSM-IV-TR criterion for diagnosing a major depressive disorder or clinical depression, two elements must be present, and that is depressed mood or anhedonia. It is satisfactory to have either of these clinical depression symptoms in combination with five of a list of other clinical depression symptoms over a two-week period, which includes:
ь Mental or physical fatigue and loss of energy
ь Feelings of guilt, hopelessness, anxiety, fear, or helplessness
ь Reduced amount of interest or pleasure in all, or almost all, daily activities virtually every day
ь Changing appetite and noticeable weight loss or gain
ь Psychomotor agitation or retardation nearly every day
ь Feelings of overpowering sadness or fear or the seeming inability to feel emotion
ь Difficulty focusing or making decisions or a generalized slowing and obtunding of cognition including memory
ь Disturbed sleeping patterns such as excessive sleep or hypersomia, insomnia, or loss of REM sleep
ь Repeated thoughts of death, not just fear of dying, persistent suicide ideation with specific plan, or a specific plan of committing suicide or suicide attempt.
Other clinical depression symptoms sometimes reported but not generally taken into account in diagnosis include:
ь Inattention to personal hygieneь Fear of “going mad”
ь Decrease in self-esteem
ь Change in perception of time
ь Sensitivity to noise
ь Physical pains and aches with the belief that may be signs of serious illness
Clinical depression symptoms in children are not apparent as it is in adults. Some of the symptoms that children might show are irritability, loss of appetite, learning or memory problems where none existed before, sleep problems such as recurrent nightmares, and considerable behavioral changes such as social isolation, aggression, and withdrawal.
An added sign could be the excessive use of alcohol or drugs, where depressed adolescents are at a specific risk of further critical behaviors such as eating disorders and self-harm.
One of the most extensively used instruments for measuring the severity of depression is the Beck Depression Inventory, which has twenty-one multiple-choice questions. For people who have not experience clinical depression, either personally or by frequent exposure to people who suffer from it, it is hard for them to understand the emotional impact and severity, taking it to be similar as “having the blues” or “feeling down”. Clinical depression symptoms indicate that clinical depression is a severe, possibly fatal methodical disorder distinguished by interconnected physical, cognitive, and affective symptoms that result for survival and function further than just sad or painful feelings.


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